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Seismic Safety Foundation Repair

Pasadena's and Los Angeles earthquake retrofitting, house bolting and foundation repair specialists. In business for over 65 Years!

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How to prepare for an Earthquake?

Earthquake is likely to be probably the most destructive natural disasters which can cause the enormous deterioration of life and property. But before going into earthquake preparation methods, let's know about these earthquakes:

An earthquake in simple terms is the shaking of the surface of …

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Services Offered by Seismic Safety

Natural calamities like earthquake come without announcing. They last for less than a while but leave behind them a trail of destruction. Earthquakes are one of the deadliest calamities of nature that we have no control over. It is a problem that cannot be prevented. Truth be told we are basically p…

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Why Is Earthquake Brace Bolt Necessary For Strengthening Your Home?

Earthquake Brace bolt or Seismic retrofitting is the process and that is most used nowadays by constructors or homeowners before building a house. Seismic retrofitting is a modified process which makes existing building structures more resistant to prevent any Seismic pursuits like abnormal ground m…

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